Sunday, April 03, 2005

ISAIAH - Seed Archive

Isaiah 9:6-7
TOPIC: Christmas; Emmanuel, hope, promise

“For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given ... .”
TRUTH CLAIM: God has revealed His plan for the ages! In a world gone nuts with hate (terrorists), evil (killing of the innocent unborn), deception (false religions), war (Israel), corruption (politics), and much, much more, it's good to know God has a plan!

God told us not to be downtrodden but rather to rejoice in everything ... for GOD IS WITH US! If God is for us, who then can be against us?

FOUNDATIONAL INQUIRY: How does this passage apply to me?
I. It Provides Me a Greater Joy!
II. It Provides Me a Greater Light!
III. It Provides Me a Greater Victory!
IV. It Provides Me a Greater King!
APPLICATION/CHALLENGE: Dear friends, if the first half of Isaiah's prophecy has been fulfilled ... that is, if it is true that God "sent His only begotten Son," that His Son was "born of a virgin," that His Son "suffered and died for our sins," and that "God raised Him from the dead on the third day" … then we ought to believe the second half as well!

That is, Christ is coming again ... to bring a greater joy, to bring a greater light for those who dwell in darkness, to bring final victory, and to bring a government greater in every way than David's! Oh what a day of rejoicing that will be!

Isaiah 49:6
"I will also make You as a light to the Nations, so that You, My Salvation, may reach the ends of the earth."
TOPIC: Missions [Calling; Evangelism, Missionaries]


TRUTH CLAIM: God has a plan, salvation to "all the nations" through His Son; theSon has a plan, salvation "all the nations" through you and me!

FOUNDATIONAL INQUIRY: What is our role in foreign missions?
I. Our Role is Direct Involvement!
A. Through Submission!
B. Through Promotion!
II. Our Role is Indirect Involvement!
A. Intellectually!
B. Prayerfully!
C. Financially!
III. But Our Role is Never Uninvolvement!
APPLICATION/CHALLENGE: Our world view affects every thought we have and everyaction we take concerning missions. God is challenging all of us to remember: nomatter how many of us there are and no matter how great our problems seem to be,there are still billions more lost people than we have problems.

Isaiah 49:8-9
TOPIC: Covenant; faithfulness (of God), promises (of God)

FOUNDATIONAL INQUIRY: What then are some of His possessions which are now yours?
I. The Power of Christ is ours!
II. The Love of Christ is ours!
III. The Justice of Christ is ours!
IV. The Acceptance of Christ is ours!
V. The Righteousness of Christ is ours!
APPLICATION/CHALLENGE: Our blessed Jesus, as God, is omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent. Will it not console you to know that all these great and glorious attributes are altogether yours?

Our blessed Lord, as perfect man, is our substitute, our blood atonement. Does it not give you hope and peace to know that He did these things for you and that they are altogether yours?

Christ Himself is our peace and Christ is our the covenant, but you must be in Him to be a part of the agreement.
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